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Outpatient Therapeutic Program

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Outpatient Therapeutic Program (OTP)


Children with severe acute malnutrition with appetite and without complication are treated with ready to use therapeutic (RUTF). The child is managed at home with periodic regular visits to the health care provider/ health facility. Upon completing the management at OTP, children are referred to the supplementary feeding Program.



Category Criteria (any of the following):
Children 6-59 months MUAC <115mm
  Bilateral pitting oedema grade + or ++
  Mother/caretaker refuses inpatient care despite advice*
Other reasons for OTP enrolment  
Transfer from inpatient care or other OTP site Child returns to OTP after transfer to in-patient care after treatment or is referred to OTP after inpatient care or from another OTP site**
Return after default Children who return after default continue their treatment if they still fulfil the enrolment criteria for OTP


Supplies provide by Nutrition Support Program, Sindh for OTPs

Ready to Use Therapeutic Food (RUTF)/Plumpy nut





Key messages for OTP


  • RUTF is a food and medicine for very thin children only. It should not be shared.

  • Sick children often do not like to eat. Give small regular meals of RUTF and encourage the child to eat often (if possible 8 meals a day).

  • RUTF is the only food sick/thin children need to recover during their time in OTP. Always give RUTF before other foods, including UNIMIX.

  • For young children, continue to breastfeed regularly.

  • Always offer plenty of clean water to drink while eating RUTF. Children will need to drink more water than normal.

  • Use soap for child’s hands and face before feeding if possible. Keep food clean and covered.

  • Sick children get cold quickly. Always keep the child covered and warm.

  • With diarrhoea, never stop feeding. Give extra food and extra clean water.


Picture of Severe Visible Wasting:




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